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Hi Everyone
I recently adopted a pup from Mexico, not really concerned with what breed he is, love him to bits no matter what. People who see him keep guessing his breed “Oh is he a ________”. Been hearing a variety of different guesses, I think he’s Maltese and Poodle (so did the rescue), however I’ve been asked if he’s a Bichon/poodle and even if he’s purebred Bichon. Just curious what others might think he is. I know it might be nearly impossible to tell since both Maltese and Bichons have spaniel and poodle origin in them.
Cuddles is 6 months old, just under 10lbs, has lots of hair but is pretty slim underneath it all, although he is long and carry’s a little girth around his middle. His face is very slim like a poodle, and a very small skull, also like a poodle and tiny little skinny legs. His hair is very soft and goes curly like a poodle, but will straighten with brushing, mostly white with light tan on his ears and throughout his coat (only really shows when it’s wet). I’ll attach a few pictures to help you with the guessing.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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