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I have never adopted a previously abused dog before but from what I have read on these forums, the trick is to take it slooooow. Don't force any petting or anything like that (not that you are now, just thought I would mention). Just sit on the floor well away from him and just talk to him gently. Have a few treats in your hand, and if he wants to come and take one, let him. Do this with every member of your household. It will take time, but this will help show him that you are your family have good intentions and will not hurt him. Every time he comes to you, praise him.

Him tearing up the blanket in the crate almost sounds like anxiety. Maybe he had bad crate experiences before and he was scared it was going to happen again since he was put in a crate. You can also train him to be okay with crates. During a time where you are just hanging around (if you are potty training make sure you don't take your eye off him!) let him explore the crate on his own. If you are watching TV quietly it helps because I think they feel pressure if you are just staring at them. Find a way to keep the crate door open, like with a small door stop or something. Lastly, put some little treats in there. If you want, you can show him you are putting a treat in there, but just let him explore on his own. Once he is okay going into the crate without hesitation for treats, close the door for five seconds. If he does not cry or whine, give him a treat WHILE still in the crate. If you give it to him after, he will associate coming OUT of the crate with happy times, not being IN the crate. Increase the time slowly. I did this with my yorkie and she does not cry at all any more in her crate. She will now go in there on her own of she wants a quiet napping place.

For the kitchen,
Every time he leaves the kitchen, leash or no leash, I would give him a treat. Eventually he will want to leave the kitchen on his own for a treat once he knows nothing scary is going to happen when he leaves the room. Treats happen.

This is MUCH easier said than done, but I would try to keep voices at talking level. Try to not lift your hand over him until he trusts you either. Come from below. He probably also sits in the corner very quietly because in his previous home (if you can even call it that) that is what kept him safe. He couldn't be abused if he wasn't seen or heard. I would recommend using no corrections on this dog, only positive reinforcement. For example, don't punish if he tinkles inside. Rather, show him that if he pees outside treats and happy times happen.

It sounds like this dog has been through a lot. He is finally in a safe home, but he doesn't know that yet. It will take a while for him to trust, but it can happen. Just keep up praise and treats and let HIM decide when he wants human attention. So far pretty much the only attention he got was negative so he doesn't really know there is "good" attention.

I wish you luck and send you prayers. It always warms my heart when an abused dog set to be euthanized get another chance at like. Kudos to you.
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