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First thing I would do is just go out and sit with her, for an hour or three if that's what it takes. Give her some treats, pet, and just sit and hang out and see what she does in time. Sounds like she's still pretty stressed out and needs to relax outside.

My rescue GSD won't stay outside without me there, much less potty if I'm not out there yet with her and it's been a month and a half. I just go sit in a lawn chair and wait her out, and repeat what I want to be her cue to go potty when she finally goes to start circling for a spot.

I picked her up early AM and she didnt go the first day either, luckily I'm a light sleeper and woke up at 4am when she got restless and was able to go out with her and she went on the morning of day 2.

Sounds like you just need patience.
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