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Hi everyone. I just registered here. A little over a week ago I adopted a puppy from a local shelter. She and her sister had been abandoned somewhere; their (big) ears were infested with ticks, and they were apparently half-starved--the little girl I adopted could barely stand up when she was first brought in. They also had bellies full of worms.

The puppy's name is Naima, and she's probably about 4 1/2 months old. When I brought her home she weighed only 12.4 pounds; now, 11 days later, she weighs about 16 pounds, and is clearly feeling much better. She is weirdly sweet and attentive and obedient (although I'm starting to see a stubborn streak--when she doesn't feel like going up the street for a walk, for example, she just lies down on the ground and looks up at me with a sweet expression!), and clearly very smart. She's friendly with everyone--male, female, stranger or not. I don't get the impression that she was physically abused, thank God.

Her coat is mostly black, and VERY short and sleek. She also has white around her neck and down her legs and paws. The vet says that she'll be 40 lbs. max as an adult, but maybe smaller than that (she was a bit smaller than her sister).

I'm just trying to figure out what mix of breeds she is. The first thought was (of course) "lab mix", but she's so small. If it's OK, I'd love to post some pictures of her and see if anyone has a clue.
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