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Hello all,

I'm a firefighter/paramedic from FL.

Recently we adopted a little chihuahua puppy. She's 5 months old, 6lbs, and was the runt of her litter.

The meet and greet went smooth so we brought her over . My two other dogs - a medium sized 60lb black lab/pit mix and a small chihuahua mix of 11lbs have been with us for a few years.

My dogs largely ignore the new puppy, mostly because she scampers away when they so much as come near her.

The puppy is very, very nervous about everything. Its so far been a challenge just to get her to potty out in the back yard, drink water, or eat her food.

During her first night i got up a few times to let her out and she would not pee. In the morning, I finally after hovering near her got her to go. She's running around with her tail between her legs ( slightly better on day 2 ) and seems very nervous.

Is this normal for puppies? Im hoping they'll eventually get along, but wondering how I can help my new puppy be more comfortable, especially with my other dogs.
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