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Jumping up on people

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I have a 3 month old shitzu/bishon who is very well mannered around the family but when people come over he acts crazy jumping up on our company so bad we have to put him in another room and I know that that is not addressing the problem. I tell the company to not talk to or touch the dog and that he would calm down faster if they did this. Usually the company doesnt listen because he is so cute but they eventuly dont think its so cute after a few minutes of him jumping up in their face. What am I to do?
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I know all about jumping pups, Tilba is a jumper. She doesn't jump on me much, but whenever I take her out or we have visitors she wants to jump on them.
What you should do is have visitors turn their back on her. She will probably jump at their back. It takes consistancy & willing participants. Another method is to have her on lead when they arrive just far enough away from the door so they can come in without being jumped on. After she's settled & the visitors have sat down, give them some treats to give her & show them what to do. No talking to, looking at or pushing down. It's all attention, which she wants. She only gets rewarded when 4 feet are on the floor.
Back to Tilba, a lot of the ppl who she jumps on should know better, or they say it's ok, I'm used to dogs. Doesn't cure the problem.
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People can be so annoying when they're not cooperating with training, huh?

What I would do is try to have visitors remove ANY interaction with her when they arrive. You may need to have a couple of friends rehearse this with you if your regular guests aren't willing to go along with this. No eye contact, no talking to her; they should act as if she's not there. At the same time, have her on leash and step on the leash so she can't get higher up than she is when she's standing on all fours (be careful not to choke her or drag her towards the ground). Once she's quiet, they can start petting her calmly and maybe deliver a couple of treats. They should try to avoid riling her up with loud, high-pitched praise or vigorous petting.
Thank you all for the advise. I think I found a solution! I bought a billy bone last night (all natural raw hide) and when my company came over I threw it in his direction and he quit jumping and chewed away the whole time! It was so nice to have people over and not have to put him in another room.
It's good that he went and chewed, however you just rewarded him for jumping. It may have been inadvertent, but the connection is there. "I jump I get a chew toy! w00t!"

Takes care of the symptoms, but not the underlying issue
Thats true it doesnt solve the jumping part.
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