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Jumping On Doors, Ignoring Doesn't Seem To Help

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I got a 2.5 year old English Pointer last month and among other issues that we are working on, she jumps on doors. Granted the only doors she jumps on have windows in them so she can see out (she is jumping up and putting her paws on the door while she looks outside). Unfortunately, all the exterior doors in my house have windows. What can I do besides replacing the doors to stop the behavior? I've been trying all month to teach her that she only gets let outside when she sits. I've never reinforced this behavior. If I hear or see her jump, I've been turning away, but none of this seems to be working. She does it just as frequently as she did it before. She does sit to go outside but only after jumping and looking out, and once she has 4 on the floor I have to ask her to sit.
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If she can see out, that is rewarding in itself, so ignoring her isn't helping because she's still being "rewarded" by the view of the outside.

I would block the window. You can buy clings that turn it "frosted" or even just tape wax/baking paper over it to still let in light. Once her view is blocked, she should learn much more quickly that jumping up is both boring and doesn't get her outside. Eventually, when she has a good history of no jumping and sitting to go out, you should be able to remove the coverings without starting the habit back up, because now she has a new (more polite) habit to replace it.
She is self rewarding because she can see out. If she has, even once, jumped on a door and had it open she will never forget that either as that is highly self rewarding (this could have happened before you got the dog).

I have never been able to stop a dog from doing this with consistency. Oh I COULD stop the behavior with severe correction, but the only time it would be consistent is when I was right there and that is really not a good goal.

The best way? Get a couple of X-Pens that are tall enough and fence the doors off. Have the dog work on self control every time you go out by sitting back away from the door while you move the X pen to go out (they are very light with hinged sections). Work on keeping the dog in a sit even after the door is open and not go out until you return to the dog and stand next to him.. and even then he cannot move to go out until he looks up at you.

Over time (and it may be months) these self control exercises may help him to not offer to jump on the door and you can remove the x pen fence. When the fence is removed, you need to maintain the sit at a distance from the door and still require the dog to remain in a sit after you open the door and you go back to the dog and stand next to him and pick up the leash. When he looks up at you, you mark it with YES and release him from the sit to go out.
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I use double sided tape to curb that problem. dogs don't like getting their feet stuck, place the tape on the door, where the feet land - use lots of tape if needed. Odds are the reward of seeing out is not worth the sticky feet, especially if there is a window the dog can go look out of peacefully.

With mine, that door soon becomes something to back away from and wait for me to open before approaching - it grabs and holds them in their mind and, that isn't a good thing.
Thank you everyone! I will try these suggestions.

For the double side tape, do you use the regular tape size or do they come in think rolls?
Thank you everyone! I will try these suggestions.

For the double side tape, do you use the regular tape size or do they come in think rolls?
I Use this:

No potentially harmful chemicals.

Makes for one confused pup at first, might want a camera to capture the reaction. Takes a day or tow and, that door is off limits as far as the pup is concerned - it grabs the feet and doesn't like to let go of them. :)
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