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First, is there any way to stop Ruby launching herself onto the sofa during zoomies? She doesn't jump up at any other time, but it might be related to my second question, which is:

She paws at the sofa to wake me up (I have been sleeping on the sofa recently, its comfy :p ) If I see her about to do it when I'm awake on there then I distract her or interrupt it with an "uh-uh" kind of noise, and she is fine. But if I dont see it then she will paw it until I wake up or give her attention (I have tried ignoring it, believe me, she can carry on for a very long time). She also knows that putting just her chin on the sofa gets her immediate positive attention.

I am going to start waking up a little earlier to take her out in the mornings as she does it then to wake me up to go out. But she also does it just when she wants me to wake up (only when it's daylight, she never does it at night because she sleeps through the night), or for attention if I am already awake.

She also sometimes puts both front paws on the sofa to say hello to me (another thing I interrupt before it happens most of the time). She gets down as soon as I tell her but she does it by stretching and scraping her paws down the sofa. Which I know will tear the sofa if I didn't have a blanket currently covering it while I am sleeping there. I dont know if her doing this is related to her jumping up when she has the zoomies, or if she just gets too carried away with running around.

Is there anything more I can do than interrupt when she goes to paw at it?

She is 7months old and stopped being crated about 6 weeks ago as she is housebroken and doesn't chew. She tends to use her paws a lot in general though, for example, she will paw at the dog door to go out on the balcony, although she is gradually seeing it is easier to push with her nose.
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