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So I’m just writing a rant here to get something off my chest. I have a shihtzu puppy that my family loves. When we were looking to get a dog we decided we wanted a small, non shedding, hypoallergenic dog. We found many different breeds that met our needs but we fell in love with the little shihtzu in a pet store. Before people jump down my throat I know, it’s not ideal to buy from a pet store but it was meant to be with her.
My husbands family has a huge 85 pound rescue. She’s cute as a button. His mother is a big dog person. I personally am a small dog person. So right off the bat even discussing getting a dog I heard all kinds of comments about “don’t get a dog too small why would you want that?”
Anyway. We bring our dog home. My son was in heaven. Never seen him so happy. My in laws come to visit. Everyone says hello to the dog except my mother in law. We’ve had our dog for 3 months, any time my mother In law comes over or we bring the dog to their house she does not say hello to my dog. Every time we bring up my dog in conversation she does nothing but make nasty comments about how we bought our dog and should have adopted.
Last night we went over my in laws house for a birthday party. One of women there was asking me about my dog because she too is looking for a similar dog to mine. Right in the middle of the conversation my mother in law screaming to the whole room “DONT BUY A DOG!!!! NO ONE SHOULD BUY DOGS! THERE ARE SO MANY DOGS IN THE WORLD WHO NEED HOMES THAT EVERYONE SHOULD ADOPT THEM.... looks right at me ... sorry”
I almost got my shit and left the house.
Is it me or was she blatantly calling me out in front of the whole room? Saying that when everyone in the room damn well knows I bought my dog felt like she was trying to single me out. Like my dog didn’t deserve a home because she happened to be in a pet store cage instead of a shelter cage.
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