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Jilly (Papillon puppy) pictures!

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Jilly got a bath today and it was nice out, so I decided to take some pictures. She's 6 months old tomorrow! And we've had her for 15 weeks. Crazy, it seems like we've always had a dog, lol.

We've been going on hikes and she loves them, even 2.5 miles. She's still mommy's girl, but since puppy class ended C has been doing a lot of training with her (even taught her to roll over really good!) so now she misses him more than she used to when he leaves.

It was kind of hard getting pictures because it was just me and she liked sitting in the shade more than anything, which didn't make for good pictures. So...I took a bunch of balls and we played fetch and I tried to get pictures as she ran back and forth.

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oh my gosh!!! Soooo cute! Looks like she had a lot of fun :D

The first picture in your 4th post is a wonderful face plant :p
You know, I saw on a thread you posted and thought "Man I hope they post pics soon!". You read my mind!
My goodness, she's certainly is growing into a very pretty girl. I love the pics with the ball in her mouth!
Look at her go!

Very cute! Thank you for sharing with us!
I love Jilly!
Thanks you guys! We love her to death, she's an amazing puppy, we couldn't have asked for a better first dog.
Awe she is so pretty! Our pappy is 4 months old. Its nice to see what size he might be in a couple months. Thanks for sharing the pics! This is such a wonderful breed. Have had other dogs growing up but this breed has very quickly become my favorite.
The day before I got Donatello I went out to the local pet stores just to see what kind of prices I'd be looking at... I saw a beautiful Pap puppy for close to $800!! She was gorgeous, and if it weren't for the fact I don't support pet stores or puppy mills I would have bought her. That puppy looks very similar to yours! : D I love the colors, the long hair, and the ears! OMG, the ears! To die for! : P
Oooo, I love Paps! I'd love to feature one of your photos on my blog! (See my signature) Let me know...
No problem Puppies Are Prozac. Could you link the picture back to my blog? http://kittyelphiejilly.blogspot.com/

Deege39...we fell in love with our first Papillon in a pet store as well. But I knew about puppy mills so I went home and researched the breed more before finding a breeder to buy a puppy from. Donatello is just adorable too!
She's getting so big! And she's really looking good. I love that she's going to have a mask like Rose.

I bet Nardo would love her. His favorite toy is his mini tennis ball.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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