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Jasper's new pics

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Here are two quick shots of Jasper I got tonight. If you think you are seeing mischief in that face, you'd be completely correct. ;)

And as a comparison since many have pointed out that he looks like Bandit, see the difference in skull structure and jaw?

One more...

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OK, one more - sorry for the flash. Jasper just ADORES my mom! Thankfully, the feeling is mutual, because Jazz loves a good snuggle.

Apparently, every dog that has called my place "home" is a serious couch potato:

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Graet pics!
Love the two last ones:D
He is one handsome boy! Look at that first picture...what a flirt!
He is a handsome boy! He looks very content in the last picture.
OK, one more... it came out really blurry thanks to bad lighting/bad camera settings, but look at that face! He loves his new Kong Wubba! (Video to follow!)

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Jasper is just beautiful. All your dogs are.
Aww, thank you so much :) I think they are all beautiful too. I'm very blessed to have come across them, and still can't believe that all three of them were on death row before coming into rescue.
And you will be adding Jazz to your sig...when...:D ;)
And you will be adding Jazz to your sig...when...
Answer A: Right now! :D

Answer B: When I'm sure that he'll integrate well here, and that I can provide him with what he needs - he has more wolf in him than any other dog I have fostered or worked with before, and I want to make sure I can keep him happy!

It will require my new fenced yard to go in ASAP (and by fenced I'm talking 8' tall, double-gated, chew-proof/dig-proof enclosure with a dig guard installed and electric wire run at the top :eek:), and to have a lot of enrichment/stimulation oppurtunities like a water tub/pond, stuff to climb on, things to play with, etc. As great as Jasper does in the house, wolfdogs need endless stimulation and are constantly using their minds (there is no way to describe it, I used to think it would be like a Siberian x10, but now that Jasper's here I see it's a totally DIFFERENT level of using their brain, completely off-the-charts). They rarely do well as full-time house dogs and I can completely see why.

I have no problem with any of this, especially since I know that Willow and Bandit will LOVE to spend time out there with Jasper playing in such a fun, escape-proof yard. Huskies are escape artists too, so I figure a fence built to be wolf-proof can't be such a bad thing. ;)

So... yeah. I'm committed to this boy and after working in wolfdog rescue, I have seen how many animals get sent through the rescue network and never find homes, or it takes months or years because there are so few willing and competent homes. I don't want Jasper to go through that kind of stress. I think he will just have to stay here.

So, updating sig now. ;)
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All your dogs are so beautiful...and I like the look of them all but I must admit, I like Jasper's face the best. I am partial to wolves (in the wild and in pictures) and I can see that in him. He has such an interesting look to him. Good luck and I look forward to many stories about him, Willow and Bandit.
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