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Jasper's aerial acrobatics...

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...Or "Why Wolfdogs Need a Very Tall Fence". :p

Got these pics while watching Willow and Jazz playing the other day! Take a look at that air Jazz is getting. I wish they could be better, but the lighting was terrible and I was lazy! ;)

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This pic is crazy - Jazz misjudged his jump and ended up barrel-rolling in midair, landing on his side, and then without missing a beat, was back to playing! Willow's like "Watch where you're going!!!" Of course I was freaked to see him fall like that, but the pic is really something else.

And that's all! Hope you enjoyed them! :)
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Oh, wow. Those pictures are amazing! Love to see them playing.
In a word WOW! He can really jump and that's all he seems to be doing! He is so beautiful...they all are but I have a particular liking to his markings. He is one lucky pup to have been rescued by you! :D

How's it going with him and Bandit?
Beautiful pictures. Looks like they keep you entertained. There are many dogs on this forum I would love to meet in person, yours are on that list. Very intriguing dogs!
Are Jasper, Bandit, and Willow all wolf-dogs? I love them and would definitely like to meet them. I agree with Luvmyrotti! I bet your house never gets burglarized!
wow! they look like keep you entertained!!
Why any animal would leap into another dogs fangs is beyond me. :eek:

Nice pics!
Are Jasper, Bandit, and Willow all wolf-dogs? I love them and would definitely like to meet them. I agree with Luvmyrotti! I bet your house never gets burglarized!
Haha!!! Believe me, no burglar wants to even come close to our place. ;) We have a hard enough time getting the legit people to get out of their car, once they pull in the driveway and see the "wolves" staring at them.

Bandit and Willow aren't wolfdogs, just Husky/Shepherd mixes. Jasper is the only real wolfdog I have here, although I've also fostered another in the past (Yuki), that passed away.

wow! they look like keep you entertained!!
That they do!!! :D

I wish I could have gotten some pics from today... Jasper was bouncing around the kennel again like an absolute nutcase... I swear he must be related to Tigger or something! He was just jumping back and forth over the doghouses for fun, then running up onto the benches, climbing onto the planter boxes, and leaping out of them with a big springy leap! The grin on his face was just priceless.
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Sounds like Poca with the zoomies. Deer zoomies. Cat zoomies. Bunny zoomies. Mom's home and chasing me zoomies. She's not allowed on the furniture (except our bed, which she rules) but when she gets the zoomies she leaps all over the place. At our last house we used to have a half wall between the living and family room with couches on either side of the wall. When she got excited Poca would leap couch/wall/couch in a single bound. It was a sight to behold!

I watched her almost scale a 12 ft wall to get to me the first time she was dropped off at daycare. Before I left her I warned them about her jumping ability. They reassured me that no dog could get over that fence. 30 seconds later Poca almost managed it. They stopped her 2nd attempt. I have no doubt she would have made it if they hadn't. I never underestimate those long legs now! Long legged dogs rock!
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I LOVE it when Chance gets the zoomies. It's so fun to watch her!
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