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*draw circle on wall and band head here*

Japei and Soli, the story that will follow me for expo's to come...

okay so NOT for looking a dog, because I just got rid of mine and i liked the break I was walking with Sindri (my hedgie) and showing him off because I could. I saw PUPPIES! I love puppiws, i will never won ne again though, so I was playing with puppies and in walks this 70 goldendoodle. cream colored, groomed perfect and all. I glanced and thought no more. Go back to table.

heart strings start tugging.

Go back to this dog for time number 2. find out she HAS to go as a set with another dog who cant come for reasons that unless we are interested wont be discussed.

visit times number three and four, they now know who i come to visit.

I call my mommy. she says wait.

I go back to booth and cry internally and look depressed.

Go back time 5 and 6. get handed leash. call mommy and BEG daddy. get a yes.

Get a call monday and find out the otehr dogs story.
Japei is a shepard mix. Then owner has a habit of dating abusive guys, one fight Japei walked in between the fight. Jap gets thrown against a wall by the guy in which a huge crack is heard. She is rushed to the emergency 24 hour vet. she has a part of her skull cracked and brain bleeding. She has emergency surgery to let the blood off. She now has random seaizures.

My family has had two severly special needs dogs before, so we decided this be no issue.

SO TONIGHT JAPEI AND SOLI COME TO THERE FOREVER HOME! at age 7 they both need a forever home.

On the left is japei and thr right is soli
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