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My mom has an extremely intelligent, elderly yet spry, jack russell that barks at EVERYTHING. She even hears certain commercials on TV and zooms into the room to jump and bark at the TV. She barks at and attacks the garage door as it closes and the legs of my aunts walker, even if the walker is not being used. In the morning (at 4am) She will bark to wake my mom up, bark the whole way to the kitchen until she goes to the treat jar and says "quiet" then the dog sits quietly for a treat. Then resumes barking at everything she hears or sees. My mom is retired and home most of every day, and has tried bark collars (which just increased the frenetic barking), clicker, some kind of a sound generator that makes a noise only dogs can hear, and of course command training. The trouble is, the dog seems to act out specifically so she can be told to be quiet to receive a treat. She isnt aggressive to people (just garage doors and walkers, apparently) and she loves to be loved on, and only growls when it comes to the other dog taking one of her many toys. Shes not bored or threatened, she doesnt seem senile in the least, and shes loved on all day long. it seems like she barks simply to boss everyone around. It's like living with an extremely verbal sheep dog, you do what she wants to stop the constant barking. How do we regulate her barking when she is quite possibly manipulative, stubborn, and super smart?
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