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Her name is Parsnip. 9 week old JRT female puppy. I am a 1st time pet owner and aware of the high demand of a Jack Russell but prepared for it. So far things are going well with potty training and last night she was able to stay in her crate in our living room from 11pm to 6am. I was very surprised and obviously very pleased.

As a novice puppy owner, I started doing some basic obedience training like “sit”, “down”, and “roll over” from watching Zak George Youtube channel. What’s everyone’s opinion on him as a trainer? He seems like a great resource and I plan to use his channel for more advanced training in the near future.

The next challenge will be dealing with puppy biting and nipping at pant legs and shoe laces. I would imagine this tendency is more hyper with a JRT. I do have some questions regarding this and few other things but I will save those for the other sub forum.

Thank you for reading.

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