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Jacey's Tail

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My god just look at it! i've never been able to get a good shot of it but benji (Stacey101s pup) and jacey had a play date and stacey got a amazing shot of it!

Brings me back to the days where he was a little tiny pup and he was just starting to get strands of long fur.

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Oh my goodness! What a big furry tail! It is cute!!! :)
theres a cost with a tail so pretty...you can't poop in the same backyard with a puppy LOL Poor benji kept playing with his tail when he tried to poo...safe to say mission not accomplished
Oh my gosh! Prettiest tail winner!
Thanks guy! Its just amazing how long the fur on his tail is!
Furry tails look wonderful! My neighbor's dog got a furry tail like that, and our English cocker spaniel too. Love furry tails.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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