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Jacey Dock Diving.

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Something we've been working at over the last 3 days. Last summer he would rarely jump off a dock and when he did it was cause he was just soo excited. Now that summer had come on full swing i've got him jumping off every time.

Few pictures from todays adventure.

First jump of the day


Getting Ready for another go

Mid Landing

Waiting for me to throw the ball


What makes it all worth it

Now to work at distance.
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I love the "mid landing" one. Great shot :D
Good job Jacey!!! That looks like such fun. :) Great photos too. I believe I like the one with the ball in Jacey's mouth the most. They are all good though!

I wish Abbylynn liked the lake. :/

I wonder if my new rescue ... little 12 pound Eddee will try jumping off the boat into the lake this summer! Lol! ... haven't introduced him to it yet. He may need a life jacket! Lol! :)
Im actually very glad he likes water. Had a lab years ago who hated it. He was a 11 or 13 week old pup (Can't quite remember how old) And was off leash so he took off down into the lake for a swim. Every since i can't keep him outta it.

He is very obsessed with ball so nothing INCLUDING much loved ducks will break his attention span to go fetch a ball.

I Wouldn't force the issue of them going in. But if he does, Make a HUGE deal over it. Even if it it just dipping his paws in the water. Jacey jumped once and we made such a deal over it i think he wanted to go again just to be rewarded. I do praise him every time he jumps now, Just not as big of a deal.

Few more of him just swimming

And to end the day, The boys went back and had more play time together. Very proud of how tolerant he is towards puppies. He snapped before at a very rude chocolate lab puppy so i was always worried but he handles Benji like a champ

Looking at me like " Mom! Its annoying me"
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I love that last picture! :)
LOVE the pics! I love a happy water dog. :)
Great photos! Faolan loves water but I don't trust him off leash so there's nowhere deep enough in the nearby lake for him to reach on his 30ft leash that would require him to swim. I'll have to see about getting him a longer leash, like 50ft or something. I want to see if he'll swim or if he will only do wading :p
Great photo's, and beautiful dog, Holly loves balls and water, bet she would like this, not that we have anywhere near us to do this so i will never find out!.
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