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Hi all, yrs another question lol. I will try to explain this as best as I can.

Izze has always had a problem with Yumi, my folks shepherd/dobie mix, who she has known since Yumi was a puppy (yumi is 2 yrs younger then Izze) when they are together & Im out there, no one has a prob til Yumi either goes near Jo, or me if Im petting Izze, even if she is far away but looking at us Izze will do this low, constant menacing growl at her. She doesn't have a prob with Bear (my folks JRT), Jo, or even the barn dogs here at the ranch or even if I pet guests dogs here.

So why Yumi? Sometimes I have seen Yumi just come up to Izze when she is laying down on the porch, minding her own business & stand over here & stare at her until Izze aggresses on her. When she stayed at my folks for a while, her & Yumi got into constant fights some of which drew blood (I didn't see those, but I assume she was doing the posturing, stare down thing). Izze was also not getting excersised like she should've.

Any thoughts?

Common guys, please... Lol. I need expert advice lol lol.
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