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Hi Everyone! :wave:

My name is Heather, and I've always been a dog lover. I was finally able to get my first dog at age 9, and she's my now 12 year old Labrador Retriever (female), Schotsi. I now have two more dogs with my boyfriend, a 3 year old Boxer (female), Fawn and a Lab/Pitt mix (female), Prae.

Schotsi is a total sweetheart, doesn't really care much for dogs, but loves people and cats. She lives with my parents now, due to her size and old age I couldn't bring her with me when I moved to an apartment with my boyfriend.

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Fawn is a sweetie, and patrols our apartment constantly through the window on an ottoman we have set up for her. She had puppies a few months ago. She's the typical Boxer - loves playing, is very emotional, and has separation anxiety.

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Prae is my baby. She's 11 months old, I just adopted her from our local shelter a month ago. She had been adopted but returned and back in the shelter for another month. She's very submissive, but learning to assert herself more with a bigger sister. She loves playing with toys, and chewing chewing chewing! She enjoys swimming also. I think she's a lab/pitt mix, but can't be sure of it. She has a pitt face, but has a curly tail - not sure. She's probably got some of everything. Go Mutts!

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