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It's a Shepherd Fest!!

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Pictures of Sheppies...would you like them? 'Cause I has them.

It's the Butter Bean and my husband! I dunno why people think he's a member of the K9 unit....

He turned 5 months old yesterday! Cannot believe it.

Check out The Dude's chest

From Smidge's first show

Taken Friday, before she left for her breeder's. All free stacks.

And Bahstun (Boston) aka Boz, who has come to stay for a few months

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They always appreciate the support :D
Bahstun, is very pretty dog, you going to be showing him?
Yes :) First show is in August
Awesome pictures of your gorgeous GSD's!! I didn't realize how low a GSD's back can get.
Boz is overangulated. He's got too much rear, which is why his top line drops so severely.

Bred thoughtfully, however, you can get pups with correct rears
Ma'am you are crazy talented. I did not like Boz much from the picture you had from the breeder, but he turned to quite a good looking man when you got your hands on him. You work wonders :)
Awwww! Thanks!!
Thanks :) Tons of hard work goes into all of them. Honestly, because of all my health issues lately, I really feel that if it weren't for my dogs (all of them, not just my service dog), I just wouldn't get out of bed
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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