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It's a Shepherd Fest!!

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Pictures of Sheppies...would you like them? 'Cause I has them.

It's the Butter Bean and my husband! I dunno why people think he's a member of the K9 unit....

He turned 5 months old yesterday! Cannot believe it.

Check out The Dude's chest

From Smidge's first show

Taken Friday, before she left for her breeder's. All free stacks.

And Bahstun (Boston) aka Boz, who has come to stay for a few months

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OMG the ears on that butter bean. And wow he does have a beautiful chest on him. Smidge is looking great too, hopefully she will get her act together at her breeder's place.

Bahstun, is very pretty dog, you going to be showing him?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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