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Itchy dog spots...

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone's dog also had these spots on them that seems to be very itchy.. We, my husband and I, tried showering them to relieve the itch which seems to work for a bit but then he starts scratching again... Its starting to happen to our 5 month old pup as well which they've both had all their shots and this just started recently.
The itchy spots in question:

We will be taking him to the vet in these upcoming weeks since back to school shopping and bills have taken up a lot of our money it might be a while when we can... He's neutered and the vet has told us that he's in great health so we don't know why he's getting these itchy spots. Could it be the heat? (We live in an area that gets up to the 100's but they are indoor dogs which we keep the temperature at 76 degrees, so they only go out to pee and poop.) He's been on the same food for the past 4 years (since the first year he had puppy food) and theres really no change in environment for the past year (he got these spots about a few days ago since thats when the itching started) . Right now we are a bit concerned for him, but overall it doesn't seem to stop him from eating, sleeping, or drinking (so he's pretty much the same with just the itching from time to time).
Any help is appreciated and yes we will be taking him to the vet. Thank you in advance.
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I'd say see the vet sooner rather than later. If I'm looking at what I think I'm supposed to be seeing (the roundish splotches of hair loss?), it looks like it might be ringworm. Which YOU can get, by the way (and trust me, you don't want to).
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