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-I wasn't quite sure where to put this little story, should it be in grooming or health?-

So, Troubles has dealt with itching for quite a while -and by while I mean years.
It was not only a pain for us, but I'm sure it made him miserable too, poor thing :C
We asked several different vets, and the internet for help. No allergies, not a reaction to his food, not fleas... The vets told us to put oil in his food (seriously, this is what ALL of them said). Cute thing is, he's a nibbler. He eats one or two pieces at a time, as he pleases, and not at all if there's oil on it. We've tried shampoos, oils, I even gave him a bath in outright oatmeal once. Nothing helped D:

But about a month or so ago, I bought Aveeno skin relief, overnight cream, because I have dry skin as well. I walked in on my mother putting lotion all over him. I'm not big on giving anything to pets that's meant for people, but there wasn't much I could do.

He has no completely stopped scratching. Even if you go to scratch his back, he kicks a few times then quits. Of course he has the occasional itch, but no more of the constant digging. He's getting more sleep, and now I can pet him without him throwing my hand back to scratch him.
He's not had any sort of reaction to it, other than the complete halt of the intense scratching.

Maybe Aveeno's on to something here.
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