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Itchiness and Odd Behavior

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Hello...boy has it been a month for Ludo and me!

Just under a week ago, Ludo and I moved from Oregon to Oklahoma. We drove down here. Ludo seemed to handle it pretty well (we stayed at a hotel each night and I made sure he got lots of water and exercise) but now that we are settled something is...off.

He is itchy to start with. Constantly chewing on his feet and scratching. I have been giving him Benedryl twice a day for the past few days until I can get him to the vet but...it just sucks.

The more concerning thing is his behavior. I know he is in a new home with a new person (and me), a new dog, a new cat and an African Grey. I know sharing his home with all of these extras is brand new to him. But he seems exceptionally stressed. He pants real hard and for a good several hours yesterday he refused to come inside but rather laid down up against the back door outside. When he is inside, he only wants to lay in his crate. He plays well with the dog, seems curious about the bird and has already learned to just leave the cat alone. I'm just not sure how to help with this transition.
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That does help, thanks!

I am trying to keep his routine normal. I feed him on his original schedule (although he isn't eating much which is par for the course when he stresses) and I don't make a fuss about the other animals. Today we are going for a bath to try to help the itchiness. Until I can get him to the vet he will have to make due with Benedryl which I hate to give to him but it really does help.

At least he has his crate which seems to calm him immensely. I think that is actually funny since he almost never wanted to be in it before the move and now it seems to be his "safe" place.
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