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It only took a week :)

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But Sadie finally invited Hadley to play with her! I have to admit, I was a little surprised when Sadie decided she HATED the new puppy, because she has always loved puppies, but I realized it was asking a lot of her to be best friends right away.

The second day the puppy was here, Sadie would not eat, vomited and had the runs :( She growled at anyone and anything that got near her. The next few days we worked on desensitizing her to the puppy and the puppy playpen.

Today Hadley got her second round of vax and a bath, and I took Sadie with me to pick her up. Sadie was still pretty growly in the car, but when they went out to potty, Sadie chased her and pounced! After they each pottied they started play bowing and jumping on each other. They raced around for a while, then I decided to end it while it was still fun, and I put them both to bed.

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I hope our two-dog story is as successful as yours. Our older Boston is very pushy and aggressive right now towards our Cavachon, and hopefully that will ease with time.
Maybe it took Sadie a week to realize that Hadley is going to be a lot bigger than she is when he grows up? :D
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