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It almost feels like winter...YIPEEE!!!

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It was 46 on the sign and with a slight wind chill and rain, it feels a little like winter! I'm so happy...don't like the rain but we need it so bad. Great snuggling weather but since I don't have anyone who REALLY likes to snuggle, I'll just get under the covers and sleep great tonight!

Has it hit you yet Harris!? Hope so...at least for a day or two.
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Well that was a funny post, especially the yipeee!! I have afriend out ther that operates a ship that goes out to the oil rigs in the ocean, he does not like this time of the year, waves are very big.

My dogs are doing very good putting up with the cold, even when it is at the -0- mark, but is starting to get old, at 40 deg. my dogs feel like it is summer, lolo spring is just around the corner....yipeeeee, where is Al Gores global warming, this has been a below ave., winter by far!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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