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ISO: Advice on adopting after recent losses

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So, I realize this is an intensely personal question and only my husband and myself can make the best decision we can for us, but I could really use some advice or stories or anything helpful regarding adopting a new dog after yours dies.

Sebastian, the dog my husband and I adopted when we first moved in together, died on January 3rd, just a few months after my family dog from childhood died as well. Obviously, it's been a lot of loss in a short period of time. I have not lived in a house without a dog since I was 13 and I will be 30 next year. I hate being in a house without a dog even more than I thought I would (and it is a "house" without a dog, not a "home"). I hate it so much. I am so lonely without both of them. Further, I have serious and chronic health problems of my own... neither Bailey nor Sebastian were service animals, but I did not realize how much my health relied on them until they were gone. Or maybe the stress of their passing has thrown my system out of whack, which is also entirely possible.

Basically, I feel like I'm ready to start looking for our next family member. The idea that a new dog could in any way replace Bailey or Sebastian is absolutely unthinkable to me, so believe me that is not what this is. Or, that's certainly not what we want it to be, but I am also well aware that my husband and I are still very early in the grieving process for Sebastian and that we need to be cautious in our decision making. I think we are, though. We are keeping the lines of communication open with each other and when we browsed on Petfinder we sent an enquiry about ONE dog that looked like he'd fit our lives... not 100 questions about 100 animals that who knows if they'd work for us.

Anyway, I guess I'm just looking for stories about when you adopted after losing another pet. Did you do so quickly? Did it take years? Have you reached your last dog? I would also be extremely curious to hear from those who have fallen in love with specific breeds. Sebastian was Pyr mix and we are hoping for another mix or full bred Pyr, but want to be congnisant about not comparing him to Sebastian. At the same time, we know lots of people who will get the same breed over and over again. Bailey was my first dog from childhood and Sebastian was my first dog I adopted myself as an adult so this is the "first second dog" for everyone and we are all feeling a bit lost about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, while recognizing (again) that no one else can make this decision for us.

Thanks in advance.
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Spent 25 years in GSD's had the best group of the breed I could of ever been blessed with. The last years were a continuous loss(s) as they were all close in age. I chose a different breed as the shoes to fill would be impossible in my heart. Still deeply grieving I couldn't look into the eyes of another GSD and maybe I never will in this life time. That was the right decision for me to keep it seperate and allow grieving and healing.

Am very sorry for your loss, and when you feel ready and truly come across the right individual that you connect, it usually is the right time for you with the right individual.
as least you have an (IN) with Sally and that is through Bear... she is bonded to Bear so directing all you attention to Bear and teaching him, Sally is sure to follow Bear when not feeling confronted from you directly. she will learn at the same time hearing your voice and watching what Bear and you do to follow along. Just have to put yourself in a position that you ignore her completely. Sally will pick up everything during the time she is deciding to bond with you. Great they feel right for yall..
a good fitting non slip harness :)

There are people who own Pry's from pups and can't even get them to the vet. :) I am sure you will learn what your wondering about when you take them home and see how they behave. Bear is going to be Sally's rock not a breed that leaves what they are bonded to, having someone that will keep the dogs secure at the house is a good option,, Lots of Pyrs get transfered to new farms along with their flock and do just fine.

already having experience in the breed that is very aloof you should be fine.
Sending good thoughts for the best outcome ((( ))) am sorry they putting you through this. Hanksimon said a lot of good advice and reasoning
I agree $900.00 for a dog that may never be normal in the head and tons of time and special effort *maybe years or a life time* to keep her safe from herself. I would say NO (sorry that is cold) They in a foster home doing just fine... That rescue gets away with it by intentionally getting people emotionally involved... WOW.. Id say no keep them they in a safe place ... and be even more ticked off if they came back with another price.. Anybody can start and say they a rescue
1 - 7 of 63 Posts
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