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Is your dog a prankster? My pups crack me up with their pranks...

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This afternoon I surprised them with their favorite thing of all, pieces of raw marrow bone. They've been blissfully working on them on and off all evening.

Well, Dabney had picked his clean by earlier tonight. He tried a few times to grab Jackson's from him, without success.

So, Dabney trots over to the potty bell (which they ring when they need to go potty) and pokes it twice with his nose.

Jackson, hearing the potty bell, hops up, momentarily forgetting his marrow bone, and bolts for the door.

Dabney promptly snaps up Jackson's marrow bone and settled down with it happily -- the little rascal faked a potty request because he knew his brother would want to go out too if he heard the bell!!

They are always pulling pranks like this on each other (and sometimes on me! :D). Do you have a little prankster on your hands? What kind of tricks has your pup pulled?
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That's too cute! Dabney sounds like a little genius! Poor Jackson lol! Did he get his bone back?

I don't know that I'd call it a prank, but my younger dog Jake(about a year and a half) will tug on our other dog Buck's (7) tail to get his attention, or to get him to play...

And one day, Buck had his tail tucked under him so he went over to one of our cats and pulled HER tail! It was hilarious :D
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