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Is this undigested food or something else? (Warning: graphic poop pic)

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So I have no idea what worms, worm eggs, or parasites look like in a dog's poop and I thought I'd get someone else's opinion. Is this undigested food or something unhealthy? I didn't see anything stringy or moving, just some of these white specks, or chunks, whatever you want to call them. We have a 5 month old pitbull/american bulldog mix. We just bought him from a family who seemingly didn't take very good care of him. He hasn't even been vaccinated yet or gone to the vet for a checkup and I think they probably neglected or mistreated him. We're going to take him to the vet ASAP regardless, but in the meantime, I just need some poop help, please, if anyone is knowledgeable on the subject. And sorry for the graphic pic.

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TAnt30, if you live somewhere with heartworms, you'll want to be giving a heartworm preventative every month, and those do take care of some (not all) common worms/intestinal parasites as well as just the HW. The preventative is low-risk and very well-tolerated by most dogs. For most other parasites you can get away with treating only when you notice a problem, but if you do that with heartworms you're looking at a much harsher treatment that's hard on the dog, limiting exercise, and potential long-term heart damage, so the monthly preventative is FAR preferable.

But I agree with the others. Get the vet to run a fecal (and a blood test for heartworms if they're in your area), and then they can suggest which treatments will work best for whatever they find, if anything.
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