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Ok im trying to do research on the best options for my dog. Of course I want to use the least amount of chemicals.

I asked about this a few months ago and decided on frontline and interceptor.

HOWEVER, Ive been reading about Diatomaceous Earth and want to try it for ticks. I know its advertised more for fleas (which Ive never had a problem with - knock on wood). But it is supposed to work on ticks as well.

My other option is frontline spray which can be used on dogs and cats. So im interested to know if i could either use just the frontline spray or both the spray and a sprinkle of D. Earth.... INSTEAD of the frontline drops.

I have the interceptor for the heartworms - which I would use as well. But can this also be combined with Repel Lemon and Eucalyptus spray (which is what i used last summer for mosquitos)?? It isnt advertised for pets - but many people have written about how great it works on their dogs.

Sorry that this is so confusing. I guess I could ask my vet - but i like to get your opinions as well.

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