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Is This Cruel And Unusual Punishment?

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So I just brought Siri home on Saturday. She's an 8 week old Pom.

Training her has been ridiculous, but obviously it's way early so I'm not worried too much about that. That issue is she just has too much energy to focus, in case someone had tips about that.

My real question: The lesson I'm trying to teach is you won't die if you have to be in your crate for an extended period of time. She doesn't have a problem with her actual crate, as she doesn't mind being in it. So right now I have her in her crate, where I've kept her since about 11am. (It's 3pm now). I don't have it quartered off so she has a lot of space. I put her puppy pad in there, along with food and water and toys. She'll be good for a little while and then get up and start whining and doing this ridiculous sound that sounds like a baby mixed with a cat crying and then eventually go to sleep. I'm in the room with her (so I know she's not injured or anything) but I'm ignoring her so hopefully she will learn that her crying won't get her out, especially if I'm not home.

Is that mean?

PS I have one of those little mesh exercise pens on it's way, so that's really where she'll be on the long days.
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Sorry for the RealTime Updates Buuuut:

So we put her crate in the room with us after letting her run around and play for a bit. She FLIPPED OUT.
Like completely lost it, to the point I thought she was going to hurt herself jumping all over the place trying to get out. First time she's ever reacted that way. Completely unacceptable. Is this from being in all day? Or the fact that she's spoiled and could see us and wanted to be out?

Either way, when a puppy is freaking out that way what is the appropriate response?
Obviously I don't want her to think a tantrum will get her her way, but at the same time, I wouldn't want her to hurt herself or have a panic attack or whatever the doggy equivalent is. Tips?
My pup still goes crazy every now and then when I crate him. It generally seems that he only does it when he knows I'm supposed to be home (like if I have to go to the store after work). When I first started crating him and he went absolutely nuts I also was worried that he'd hurt himself. He never did. He broke the crate though.

Honestly, I'd say it's because you were there. If I put my pup in the crate while I'm home he goes nuts as well. He's used to it while I'm at work but if I'm home and he can see me he goes crazy (if the door is locked). Alot of times, if I just leave the door open, he'll go in the crate on his own and lay down.
Also it helps to learn your pups different cries, I have found thru experience that every pup has a "I have to potty ... NOW" cry & a "I'm throwing a tantrum bc I don't want to go to bed" cry, it pays to learn the diffErence :). Just like dogs have different growls, to this day Josefins whines when she has to pee, infant explain it I just know "that" whine :).
Oh yeah. Absolutely. Good advice. My dog's the exact opposite. When he uses a deep bark he has to potty. The high whinny bark just means "let me out".
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