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I thought I heard that when dogs reach the age of 3 - they become less rambunctious but Im not sure about these new changes.

My 3.5 year old mixed breed has been eating a LOT lately. In fact Ive been keeping track of her food for about a year. It would take her 2 months to finish a 20 lb bag - then last month she finished one in 35 days. It looks like this is going to continue - she will eat her whole bowl and Ill fill it and she will eat more. I dont see that she is gaining much weight - but of course i see her every day.

Its the same food - i just dont know why she is sooo hungry. She did have her yearly exam in january. Of course this started happening in March. Should I just feed her twice a day - one bowl?

ALSO and I really dont get this. For the last 3 years I have had to take this dog out between 4 to 6 times a day for the bathroom. In the last few weeks - she goes maybe 3 times. In fact there have been a few nights when she wont go at all. Yesterday she peed at about 3pm - then didnt go when I took her out at her usual 9 break. (my bf did take her out in the middle of hte night just to make sure and she did go - he wasnt sure if she peed though).
i did write last week about how she urinated in her sleep- but that wasnt even close to being a long wait like this one. Other than these longer bathroom breaks - she is going just fine - doesnt seem in pain or anything.

Any ideas?? Eating more and going to bathroom less doesnt make sense.

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