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Is this a sign??

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My aunt has a GSD named raider( I have posted about him before). She lives in an apartment though that does not allow pets so raider is staying with her dad, step-mom, and sister. I love raider and him and Tank actually get along(tank can be male dog aggressive). Raider has been showing up at my door every morning at 3. He comes inside and makes himself at home. Then I walk him back home9he hates walking back home). His ears are down the whole way and his tail is not wagging(it usually never stops!). Today i decided to put him outside and keep him out there thinking he would go home. Well he didn't he stayed in my yard till about 11. My aunts step mom drove by and say him. She got out to get him and he wouldn't go to her( she swats him from what I know, I know for a fact she yells at him for no reason at all a lot). I also feel very bad for him. Since they got a new designer mutt raider gets 0 attention. My aunt's dad will give him attention when he gets off of work but not a lot. he is tired and hot when he gets home(he works on tractors, grain bins ect..).

If raider shows up again in the morning I think it is a sign. There is only one problem to that sign.....my parents. I think if I talked to my aunt about me taking him and then she talks to her dad and my parents it might be a yes. I would only have him till my aunt can find a house but I think it would be better.

I am not getting my hopes up at all. This was more of a venting post than anything.

he's a goober
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It might be a sign. Seems you're having a similar issue with your aunt's dog that I've been having with my neighbor's friend's cat. I hope that you can take care of him for your aunt and she gets a place where she can keep him.
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