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Is this a Pure Labrador Breed?

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I'm going to get my first puppy and Id like to make sure its a pure breed

So is this a pure breed?
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Don’t buy a pure breed dog without papers. So to answer your question another way, “If you have to ask, assume the answer is possibly no”
There are more lab mixes than there are stars in the sky. The majority are lovely dogs. I've often said, "You can mix a lab with almost anything and get a fabulous dog." Lab/Golden retriever mixes are pretty common.

I've had two labs. I was never 100% sure the first one was all lab, but he was the best dog I've ever had. The second seemed a likely lab/weim mix, though I'll never know for sure. I will always regret that I never did a DNA test on either of them.

What will you do if it's not a purebred? Are you planning on showing or breeding? If not, it likely doesn't matter, unless you're paying a great deal of money.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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