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Hi, ive left my puppy on the same food as the breeder had him on. its wainwrights complete dry puppy food. the ingredients are turkey meat meal (min 29%), rice (min 25%), whole grain barley (min 10%), potato protein, refined poultry oil, whole linseed (min 4%), sugar beet pulp (min 4%), low allergen poultry digest as gravy, alfalfa, monosodium phosphate (min 1%), natural seaweed (min 0.4%), sodium chlorine, potassium chlorine, methionine, marigold extract, yucca extract, l-carnitine, rosemary extract.
the food says it avoid ingredients that may cause allergies.
im in the uk and i havent heard of a lot of the foods mentioned on here, i have acsess to supermarket brands like pedigree and ones from this shophttp://www.petsathome.com/find/category-is-2+dog/category-is-2F+Food
any advice on which one to swap to if the wainwrights is no good?
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