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Hey mgp,

I have a lab/pit/husky/German Shepherd mix so not quite the same breeds but similar and let me tell you, I had the exact same problem. He would not leave my side. And he would cry and cry if he couldn’t see me (even if I was just in the bathroom). And when he was in his crate he would howl uncontrollably.

There are several things I used to do to help (keep the tv on while you’re gone and your pup is in the crate, practice spending time in different rooms while you’re home until your pup stops whining, etc); however, for me and my pup it just took time and consistency. Our vet said it was completely normal (and said the only real fix is another dog...oh boy).

Long story short, our first 3-4 months were a lot of whining and crying but after that he has gotten more comfortable and really calmed down.

Hope that helped!

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