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Colby loves toys. She loves balls, frisbees and anything that could potentially be thrown and there is no amount of distraction that can tear her from the toys. Here's the irony: she is fixating. She is completely and utterly obsessed with toys. We can't even go to a field without her running a few feet ahead, turning around and waiting for us to throw something. Even if we have nothing to throw. Ace, on the other hand, doesn't care as much about toys. He'll choose Colby over a toy any day.

There are several fields near our house that we take the two of them to play fetch. Colby knows the drill. She sits down to have her leash taken off and will stay put until I tell her "okay." Then we play for 15-20 minutes. When we get there, Ace immediately does the Border Collie "eye" and slow-walks towards Colby and then tries to pounce on her. Or, he'll lay down next to one of us and wait for her to get within a few feet and then pounce. She completely ignores him.

I'm trying my best to be objective because I've seen obsessive and fixating behavior and I've seen it get out of hand. If we have a problem, I want to fix it. For the most part, I think Ace's behavior is a non-issue. I think he's just trying to play with Colby and trying to do everything in his power to get her to pay attention to him. My fiance is convinced that he is fixating on her and that we need to stop the behavior now (before he's a 50+lb brute).

I suppose by writing this post, I'm at least considering that my fiance may be right. What do you think? And, if he's right, how do I correct the behavior?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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