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Is My Puppy A Husky?

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Hello team-- great forum:wave:!

I just got this 2.5 months old puppy and was told that it is a Husky.

I realize it can't be a pure Husky, but wondering if any of you guys could provide inputs as to what is the other breed it's mixed with :redface:.

I've uploaded a couple of pictures of "Husky (appropriately named?)".




Many thanks!
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Welcome to the forum.

My guess would be Husky/German Shepherd or Husky/Labrador. It's still a young pup so as he/she matures you might be surprised as to what other breed it reminds you of. The only way to tell is to do a DNA test if available and affordable in your case.

It's a gorgeous dog so it doesn't really matter what breeds the parents or grandparents were.

By the way: with those mismatched eyes and intense look I would have called it The Eyes of Doom, lol.
I would say some husky in there, love those eyes.... So cute.
Yes there is definitely husky in there somewhere. DNA test would really let you know

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Either lab/husky or german shepherd/husky but definitely a cutie!

I'd do a DNA test to be sure (my puppy had the same eyes and is 25% husky).
Thank you, all for the kind comments.

My local Vet seems to agree with much of what is being suggested here: it's either a Husky\Shepherd (Shusky) or a Husky\Labrador (Huskador) :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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