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Is my dog a Miniature Schnauzer or Kerry Blue Terrier?

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He is supposed to be a CKC miniature schnauzer, but, allegedly, the papers were never applied for due to the $70 fee involved.

1. He is big for a miniature schnauzer. He weighs about 27 lbs.
2. His fur is curly like a poodle.
3. He bears a strong resemblance to a Kerry Blue Terrier.
4. He is not black. He is gray, especially in the sun. He was black as a puppy but is now blue-gray.
5. I've ordered an Embark DNA test, but the results won't be back for a while. I'll report back after I get the results.

Here are some pics.
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Agree, looks more like a poodle (poodle mix). How old is he? Puppy hair on a mini schnauzer can be curly, especially when it's clippered, but his hair is very curly. Can you tell if he has a double coat? Schnauzers are double coated, poodles are single.

A black schnauzer's hair can lighten to brown/dark grey when is clippered, so that part is normal for a schnauzer. But usually the ears on a purebred schnauzer fold over. I have seen them with sticky uppy ears, but not sure if they were purebred.

This is only my observation, having kept schnauzers since I was 9YO.

He's very cute btw!
Maybe he is a schnauzer with very curly hair and sticky uppy ears. He looks pretty schnauzer stocky in the body.

My 1st schnauzer was also a big boy. He weighed 23lbs and accidentally went up to 27lbs (I didn't notice he got overweight). How tall does he stand at the shoulder? By conformation, they should max at 14 inches tall, but my current schnauzer pup is already 14.5 inches tall. The body is close to square, same length as height.

Seeing the rest of the pics, I think he could be purebred schnauzer with very curly hair.

When they are clippered, the undercoat takes over and wire hair either never develops or the undercoat outgrows it. That's why maybe it seems like he has a single coat like a poodle. Does your little girl have a double coat?

My schnauzer girls have all been rather large as well, in the 18lbs range and 14" tall. But they can be tiny like your girl as well. Actually by standards they are between 12-14 inches tall.
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You'll have to let us know what embark says. I'll agree, he looks really close to a kerri blue in that post without the skirt. R . If the breeders bred both kerris and schnauzers, I admit, he's mostly a cross. Regardless he really looks like a kerri.

Genetics ARE wild, but I find the body is very stocky for poodle. You'd have to find a schnoodle that inherited the same stocky strong build.

Can't wait for the results!
Thanks for updating! Wow, he's a super curly mini schnauzer! Looks just like a kerri blue.
Yeah so weird, the ears too! Wow he's a stocky stocky boy! It was surprising her is 100% schnauzer, but nice that the breeder was legit.
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