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Is my boxer a hermaphrodite?

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Ok...so the hermaphrodite things is a little extreme. But she is 17 mo. old and hasn't gone into heat. We planned on spaying, but she had what the vet called chronic puppy vaginitis. We used so many medications, and nothing worked. So he suggested we wait until she goes into heat the first time before we spay her. He said it opens the vagina up and usually cures the vaginitis. Well, we've been waiting and waiting, and no heat. The vet thinks we just didn't notice it. Well, for one we were looking for it and expecting it. Two, my husband and I have both had female dogs and know what to look for. Three...how can it be possible to miss a boxer in heat? They have short hair, they're fairly large. And she still has the puppy vaginitis. Oh...and have you ever heard of a missing nipple from a dog? Hurley has 5 nipples on one side and 4 on the other. Is that weird? What do you guys think about all this?
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She could have gone through what is called a silent heat. Where they won't exhibit any signs that a dog going through a normal heat would.
Hmmm...I never heard about that in dogs, only horses. I guess that could be. If they go into silent heat are there no physical signs at all? And would other dogs notice? Because she's been around females and males, most neutered, but I think one was still intact, and they never behaved any different towards her.
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