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I have a 7month old beagle. We got her from 10 weeks old off a sheep farm.

She was fine for the first few months of having her but once she got past the teething stage, she started being very distructive when we go to work.

I mean me and my partner come back every 3-4 hours to let her out and feed her and when I get home I spend hours with her training her and taking her out to excercise but she still destroys everything she can.

We went to an expert and his conclusion was that we should maybe get a companion for her.

So yesterday we brought back home an 8 week old Australian Shepard (bitch), off one of the top breeders in this country.

We did let them meet on a public road (me holding the pup as she hasn't got all of the vaccines yet) and then brought both of them in the house (one dog on one side of a baby gate, the other on the other side) and let them meet each other better.

The beagle was so happy! with her tail wagging like mad! The puppy wasn't really too bothered about the beagle.

So we slowly started letting them in the room together to see what they do!

The Aussie isn't really bothered about the beagle and will happily do her own thing but the beagle will not leave her alone! She has to followe the puppy everywhere he goes, keeps jumping onto the puppie with her front paws, taking most of the puppies treats off her even though they both got one each! And the main thing is that the beagle keeps putting her head under the puppy and lifting her up in the air which then results in the puppy falling over.

Is this a normal behaviour ?
I'm really worried that is a sign of jealousy?

SOMETIMES when the beagle gets really rough my 8week old Aussie does very gently growl or nip her to let her know it hurts but this gets the beagle going even more!

At night time we have set up a pen for the puppy in the living groom where the beagle sleeps just to make sure the puppy is out of the beagles way and that the beagle doesn't hurt her !

Can anyone help?
Is this ok behaviour?

It worries me sick not knowing what to do! And it's really getting to me :( :(
As I've wanted this puppy for a long time and really don't want her to get hurt.

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I don't think your beagle is trying to hurt the puppy. Your beagle is 7 months old and still a puppy herself, and it is not abnormal for them to be rude and obnoxious. So yes, I would say your beagle's behavior is normal, just kind of rude, like many teenage dogs are.

When your older pup is being rude, you must remove her from the puppy. Simple call her away or use a leash to lead her away and separate them. She needs to learn that ignoring a dog's signals that she is uncomfortable will result in an end to the fun.

Also, don't give the dogs treats together if the beagle steals. That could lead to the baby puppy developing resource guarding issues. Feed them and treat them separately, or make sure the beagle does not steal the puppy's food!

I think the expert you talked with is rather misinformed. It is also not unusual for a 7 month old puppy to destroy things. The solution for that is crating or confining the dog someplace that there is nothing she can get into. Make sure she has plenty of appropriate chew toys.

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Well to start, a lot of 6-12 month old puppies become voracious land sharks that chew on anything in reach because they're often not completely done teething. They may have finished losing baby teeth, but adult teeth take some time to fully come in and - as someone who experienced all four wisdom teeth growing in - it HURTS, even when the teeth are mostly through the gumline.

I agree with everything else Lilith said though, so I won't bother repeating any of it. :)
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