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Sometimes a dog just doesn't work out, and that's fine. Not every dog is meant for every household, and not every family can deal with a dog's quirks, especially when the safety of children is at stake.

If you and your family feel it's the right time, then you should continue to look around.

I would not, however, purchase another dog from an online ad....sometimes people luck out, but many times you may be taking on other people's poorly bred dog that has temperament problems. Try a reputable rescue or shelter that houses their dogs in foster homes so they have a much better idea of the dog's true personality. Also, if it doesn't work out, they will take the dog back so none of the liability of a potentially aggressive dog falls on you.

A reputable, ethical breeder who pays close attention to their breeding stocks' temperaments is also a good route. If you don't want to do the puppy thing, they sometimes have adults who need to be re-homed, too. A reputable breeder will take any of their dogs back, and sometimes dogs come back by no fault of their own, which ends up being good for someone who doesn't want to raise a dog from a puppy!
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