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is it the breed or the personality of the dog you like the best?

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I had a Bullmastiff years ago and she had the best temperment and peronality of any dog I had.I had other dogs since,and they were no comparison.Of course they was all males,but I don't think it had anything to do with it.The dog I have now will most likely be close in temperment,once she gets out of the puppy stage.Snowball is sweet and gentle,even at her goofy stage.I've always wanted another Bullmastiff in hoping I'd have another Ginger.But I've come to grips with the fact it doesn't matter what breed of dog I have,I want the dog with the same traits,temperment,and personality.Any of you feel this way?
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Most people who are into one breed of dog are into that breed because they like the typical personality traits of those dogs.

When I began searching for a puppy I started by reading all I could online, then I called and spoke with breeders, then I met a BUNCH of representatives of those breeds. Then I decided which breeds I preferred.

When getting a puppy, as opposed to an adult dog, your only real basis for their personality is what the common breed traits are and what the sire and bitch are like. So yep, I picked breed over individual to start with. Once I knew what breed I liked and found a breeder I wanted to work with and who wanted to work with me, then I waited for a litter. Now that both litters are here the breeder will take what we talked about and try to pick the pup that they feel will best meet what I am looking for.

So I guess the answer is both for me. I'm looking for an individual within a breed because I know that the breeds that I picked will generally have individuals with the personality traits that I want.
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