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Is it a behavior issue when a dog pees on everything...

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Bit of an overstatement, but on walks he likes to smell & often pee. He is 10+ years old, neutered male.

When we are walking downtown, I don't like to see him peeing on so many things, otherwise I only mind when it stops me walking at a good pace.

Is it possible to have him not pee when I don't want him to - like downtown, or on people's lawns, etc?

Is it a behavior issue that he does this more than I'd like? Does it interfere with his respecting me if I always allow it?

Just wondering. Thank you.
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What Knute said.

You can reduce the peeing by keeping up a good walking pace and just simply not stopping when he wants to "FaceBook" (I love that term btw). Use a command like "keep moving", "let's go", or "not now". Whatever works for you.

Pick a spot somewhere along your route where it IS okay for him to pee and let him spend a few minutes sniffing/peeing. He will eventually learn that he can't pee on everything, but he'll get his chance.

I also find it helpful to have the dog on the street side, rather than on the house side when walking. Sometimes in the quiet residential areas I'll actually walk ON the street instead of on the sidewalk, just to get farther away from all the tempting areas where all the other dogs have peed.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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