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Is it a behavior issue when a dog pees on everything...

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Bit of an overstatement, but on walks he likes to smell & often pee. He is 10+ years old, neutered male.

When we are walking downtown, I don't like to see him peeing on so many things, otherwise I only mind when it stops me walking at a good pace.

Is it possible to have him not pee when I don't want him to - like downtown, or on people's lawns, etc?

Is it a behavior issue that he does this more than I'd like? Does it interfere with his respecting me if I always allow it?

Just wondering. Thank you.
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Think it is.. There were several times my dogs could not pee or poop in out door areas areas and they were able to change their tendencies to wait for appropriate areas. Im sure in training I kept them on short lead tight heel until we got to a location, let the leash out for looe lead where they could pee and poop. After that it was verbal commands even when off leash about no potty.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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