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Is it a behavior issue when a dog pees on everything...

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Bit of an overstatement, but on walks he likes to smell & often pee. He is 10+ years old, neutered male.

When we are walking downtown, I don't like to see him peeing on so many things, otherwise I only mind when it stops me walking at a good pace.

Is it possible to have him not pee when I don't want him to - like downtown, or on people's lawns, etc?

Is it a behavior issue that he does this more than I'd like? Does it interfere with his respecting me if I always allow it?

Just wondering. Thank you.
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Thank you, very helpful :)
BTW, are you English (LOL - the "wc" thing)
Thank you, very helpful :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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