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Is Dog or Puppy flatulence (farting) a bad thing?

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Just a small question regarding doggy flatulence. I noticed that every now and then our puppy will pass some gas, is this because of his diet? It occured to me to jump online and ask the question after posting a video of him on youtube (link below). He's on a strict meals with a combination of 80% soften dry food (Advance) and the rest veg and raw meat. We also incorporate, cod liver oil, sun flower oil, kelp powder, a small amount of garlic and the occasional sardine with an egg. He's 8.5 months old now and we give him a bone every week or two. We also have chooks and as you can imagine he love to eat whats left behind, could this be the problem?

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My dog could be a little gassy on any diet he has been on.
Yet my parents Newfie wasn't despite eating cheap kibble and table scraps. I think some dogs just happen to be gassy.
Zack is quite gassy but so funny when out walking, passing wind . Good job I am on my own, HaHa.
Max only gets gas if his previous meal was too fatty or just too much. Broccoli causes it but not Brussels sprouts. He gets so offended at his misbehaving rear end!
Manna can clear a room while she sleeps. I'm happy that it's only 1 or 2 times a week though.

Gas happens
Only a bad thing if he's sitting next to you! :D

All animals fart on occasion. I think if it's really frequent, then consider that the diet might be a problem. My dog gets gas if we give him eggs, which he loves. We limit how much he gets, and suffer the consequences if we misjudged how much eggs = farts!
Thank you all for your messages :)

Kathy and Hambonez, your right. Process of illimination we found that it was eggs and the fat off the raw bone that made him gassy. Still it is highly entertaining when you have guests around, but can clear the room pretty quickly!
Sam has his toxic moments. They seem to correspond mostly with long car trips or family visiting from out of state.

I knew he was a smart dog.
The flatulence in dog is not a major problem if it is not done in excess. However, if done frequently this might represent malabsorption syndromes which is caused by incomplete digestion of carbohydrates. And if, the flatulence is followed by abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite, or diarrhea, is an indication to seek veterinary attention.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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