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I've been on the wellness plan with my first dog for a year now and he's relatively a healthy dog except for some allergies. I'd say that I got my money's worth as I was frequently going in for office visits whenever I had any concerns or questions during the first several months. Other than the vets trying to get me to by lots of meds, I had a fairly good experience with them. I also adopted a Greyhound a couple weeks ago and she seems to be a pretty healthy dog as well.

It's time for me to renew my plan with my first dog and find a vet for my second. If I'm only planning on going in for annual checkups and shots (besides emergencies), would Banfield be worth the money?

Would an annual physical, fecal exam, heartworm exam, and all the shots equate to $300+ at a local vet?

They are both around 3 and only require boosters (or once every year or three) from now.
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