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Is 14 days long enough for Adenosyl (SAMe) to be effective?

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My vet prescribed a 14 day course of Zentonil (sp?), which I believe is a form of Adenosyl / SAMe, for Hamish but at the end of the course his liver numbers had increased so she has prescribed a different antibiotic but discontinued the Zentonil because she said it hadn't worked.
From everything I've read SAMe or Milk Thistle is really helpful for any liver issues and I don't want to give up on something if it could help longer term. I just wondered if 14 days wasn't really giving the medication a proper chance?
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I thought it seemed too short but I was a bit shocked when the vet called me and said the values were higher (everything seemed positive as he had gained weight and she said he looked healthier) so didn't question it at the time :frusty:
Will call and see if I can get more and if they say No will buy from Amazon!
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