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Is 14 days long enough for Adenosyl (SAMe) to be effective?

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My vet prescribed a 14 day course of Zentonil (sp?), which I believe is a form of Adenosyl / SAMe, for Hamish but at the end of the course his liver numbers had increased so she has prescribed a different antibiotic but discontinued the Zentonil because she said it hadn't worked.
From everything I've read SAMe or Milk Thistle is really helpful for any liver issues and I don't want to give up on something if it could help longer term. I just wondered if 14 days wasn't really giving the medication a proper chance?
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My vet said it takes 30 days. My dog's liver values were worse after 9 days (on it, and other meds) but her attitude/demeanor were better, yet were perfect after just over a month.
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